Today’s Recruiting Challenges For Small Businesses


Small business owners are feeling the pressure of attracting new clientele due to the low unemployement and rising wages rates. Ripple effects have occurred because of this.

55% of small businesses have invested time and money in training their current staff as a way of compensating them for not finding new employees.

37% have relied on family and friends due to the lack of staff.

4 out of 5 businesses who are struggling to find help have been working longer hours to make up for the positions that are not filled.

61% have had to make longer hours a requirement for their staff in order to accomplish tasks.

As a small business owner, if you are struggling to find good quality candidates, maybe it is time to change your recruiting strategy. Outsource to online outlets to spread the word about your hiring positions. It will allow you to connect with people outside of your immediate bubble. Job seekers are online already, so it will be easily accesssible for you to connect with them. Here are some helpful tips to be noticed by the correct potential candidates:


Put your values upfront

Social media sites are a good place to promote your company’s values, such as volunteer work in your city, and milestones that have been accomplished. People will be more likely to work for a company that shares their common values and beliefs. Telling your story through videos and pictures will really help get the message across.


Be Mobile Friendly

People are on their phones more than they are on a laptop or computer. When designing your posts, make sure they are compatible with smaller screens, keep the description short, and great quality. Links are a smart way to get more information using up the least amount of space.


Utilize your employees

Using your employees to spread the word about job listings on their personal social media outlets is a great and afforable way to raise awareness about a position. 


Online Recruiting 

Workable, Indeed, and LinkedIn are great recruiter tools to use if you cannot afford professional assistance. You will still need to budget this into your expenses, but it is worth the cost because you will receive the qualified applicants you are searching for. Having the right team can make a difference for you and your small business. Sometimes changing your hiring strategy can unlock new potentials and keep you successful in the long run.