The Millenial’s Guide To Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance means that you are buying protection and coverage. Just like any other insurance, you pay a little now, instead of paying a lot later down the road. It's an understanding you have with your insurance company that covers your house, unattached structures, lawsuits against you, and more. 


How does it work? 

Upon purchasing insurance, your agent will need to ask you some questions about you and your home. Based on your answers, you will have some coverage options to choose from and some factors may impact the price. The more coverage you need, the higher your insurance will be. If an incident ever happens, all you will do is file a claim with the insurance company. If it's covered in your policy, the company will pay for any loss or damages that's in your coverage benefits.


Do you need homeowners insurance?

You are not "legally" required to have homeowners insurance, but if you are paying a mortgage, you will likely be required to purchase a policy to protect the investment. Insurers can help coordinate more details with you and your lenders.

Have More Questions?

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